How to go further with my Nursing Career

principles of clinical governanceHow to go further with my Nursing Career

Are you a Registered Nurse in Australia; looking for a promotion, or just more respect? You are not alone! Our own Prime Minister has today, called increased Respect in the healthcare workplace a “Game Changer”.

Aged Care Accreditation

For some, who have worked in Aged Care, since the early days of Aged Care Accreditation, they are celebrating. For others, they are asking why this is even a question. There it is! Within one small niche in the complexity of healthcare, we see two different divides over something as basic as Respect.

So, how does this relate to your career in Nursing. In case you have missed the news, Aged Care has been through the wringer lately. Aged Care is in desperate need of Registered Nurses who are skilled in Respect, and Clinical Governance. As a Registered Nurse you are probably reading this knowing you have the pick of the jobs, because you hold the composite skill set.

Training for Nurses in Aged Care

If you are an employer reading this; then I know you are wondering where on earth you are going to find someone or somebody who can provide appropriate education and training to facilitate this end. The end being a Registered Nurse who understands Clinical Governance, Aged Care Standards, and implements them with Respect.

The Government has promised to deliver training programs across a range of sectors on prevention strategies, as outlined in the recent article on Respect. But, wait; how exactly does Respect translate to clinical care? Is it person focused or culturally focused? Is it one on one or is it via a particular event or time? Can it be managed by care staff or lifestyle staff? The questions go on, and I feel certain there are many more questions you have.

Specialist Training

The article on Respect also highlights problems with sexual harassment! What! How does sexual harassment from people in care, towards staff, rate on the same page as Respect? It is because to this day, there is no post-graduate, site specific, aged care focused, training and mentoring. Yes, there is post graduate training on Aged Care / Gerontology and other specialities. However, there is no specialists currently providing Clinical Governance Frameworks training specific to Aged Care, encompassing respect. Such education would include how best to manage the previous situation of sexual harassment.

Training should not be “old hat” in that staff just have to put up with the negative work environment. Nor should the training be all “online” as there is no interaction with the trainer, the workplace or the teachings. The time has come for a face to face trainer, experienced in Clinical Governance, and Aged Care Standards, to present this specialised training.

The role of the Regulator

Everything that Nurses do, leading up to and following their Registration in Australia is beholden to the Regulator. This ensures that nurses maintain their skills, knowledge, and continue learning in an ever-changing healthcare environment. The addition of specialist education and training, for Aged Care nurses would be welcomed by the regulator. Compulsory Professional Development for Aged Care nurses has often been hard. This would change everything. It is time, Now!

We will be sourcing various companies and individuals who can provide such training in the near future. Please keep a watch for the next update or email us through the contact page so we can keep you updated with changes.